World Edition Maps for the Magellan Explorist 510 – 610 – 710 GPS | Specialty Maps

We have encountered many users who have accidentally removed or destroyed their World Edition maps.  These are the basemaps for a large portion of the World.  We have created two versions of the World Edition Maps.

One version covered North America, Some of Europe, Australia and New Zealand. This version is approximately 920,000 KB.

Another version covered North America, a more extensive Europe, Australia and New Zealand.  This version is approximately 1,230,000 KB.

We have similar maps for your GPS if you need one.  These are not TOPO names but are extensive Basemaps with street names, etc.

Prices will be $35.00 USD for a 920,000 KB map and $42.00 USD for the 1,230,000 KB.

Note that we will code each map for your GPS so we will need the 13 digit Serial Number of the GPS that you will be installing the map on.  They will NOT WORK on any other GPS except the GPS with the matching Serial Number.

The maps will be delivered by download from our servers so beware that your Internet service will handle this amount of data.

For more details just write us at [email protected]

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