Our New Magellan Explorist GPS Store is Operational

Our GPS Store is Operational

Visit our Forum to see our Inventory of GPS units, Country, Sportsman and Specialty Maps for the Explorist X10 GPS units.

Own a Magellan Explorist 510 – 610 -710 and require Country Map or a Part?

There are maps that you should be aware of.

How you heard this story before.  From customers in Australia and New Zealand, through the European Union, Canada who stated “In order to save moneys I purchased my X10’s from the USA.”   Now I realized that I really cannot use my GPS, because I do not have the Summit and City Maps for my Country.

Same problem if you ordered your GPS from Canada and do not have either the maps you need or the correct World Edition map.

There is also the possibly you need additional Country Maps because you are traveling.

We offer the Magellan Worldwide Summit and City Maps for the 510 610 and 710 Explorist.

How about you are a Sportsman and need Specialty Maps!!

Need maps because you Hunt, need USA ATV, USA/CANADA Snowmobile Trail Maps? Are you like to Freshwater fish?  How about charters for over 4000 Hot Spots in the Contiguous USA?

If so, you should consider our Packages of Magellan Specialty Maps for your GPS.

Visit Our Forum For Details

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