Aware of Our Website for Triton GPS units.

In 2006 we start two websites to assist our fellow Magellan Users.  The first website was dedicated to Triton GPS units. This website has:

Manuals and CD-ROMS

Geocaching Links and Information That Can Assist You

Also Included are the New Magellan Communicator Release. These work GREAT on our Triton Units. Here are a Few GPX Trails That May Interest You. You must first load these files into VantagePoint.   Your VP Instruction Manual will tell you how to load these into VP.  The gpx file will automatically load and make the Waypoints and the Trail.   After that you must transfer both the Shelters and the Trail from the PC to the GPS.

Links and Information That Can Assist You like the Geocache to Triton Export Macro. 

How to install firmware updates, instructions for first time users on setting up profiles and looking for trails near Metropolitan Areas.

Secret Hidden Codes in the Triton GPS That May Help You.

A list of all Magellan Vantage Points up to 2013.

National Geographic Instruction Links.

Helpful Files and Links for Creating Hiking and Road Trails, Trips and Worldwide Maps.

Versions of Firmware of Some of the Magellan Triton GPS’s latest Update Charts From Magellan.

A Free Chipmunk Control Trap.

Click This URL to view the entire website

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