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Magellan Explorist / Triton Repair Service Center
Search, Rescue and Recovery GPS’s and Maps – “so that others may live”


Founded in 1975, our Jungle Ghost Subsidiary, since 2007 has gained and earned recognition as experts for the Magellan Explorist and Triton GPS Series.

In 2012, we started the Magellan Explorist X10 website.   It mission to support customers and users of these fine GPS devices. Since 2007 we have repaired countless Magellan Explorist and Triton GPS units Worldwide.

Over 167 countries Worldwide and over 4,035,000+ visitors have reached into our Repair Service Center for information on repairing and Do It Yourself Repairs for these Magellan Units.

We are Proud to Share our Count of Inquiring Visitors By Country

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New Magellan Explorist 710 Units Just Added to Our Inventory

Check out the details of our new Magellan Explorist 710 GPS’s in our Inventory. Just received from the Overseas. Like all Magellan GPS units we sell it is also loaded with USA ATV, USA and Canada Snowmobile Trail Maps, USA and Canada Summit and City and the North America Auto Routing Maps with the FHS (Fishing USA Freshwater Hot Spots).

We are constantly receiving 510 – 610 -710 Magellan Explorist GPS units from our overseas supplier.  All of our offerings come loaded with Magellan Software and Specialty Software.

You do not have to become a member to visit the site and order our products.  As a GUEST you have full viewing rights to all the information in this site.

Membership is FREE. Guest who register do so so then can leave messages and seek advise from our members and our staff. You do not have to become a member of the Webster to view all the contents of the site.  You can order as a guest to the Website.

Please also note that you do not have to register with PayPAL.  You can purchase and receive all the protections above as a PayPAL GUEST. We have a sterling reputation of Quality and Factory Service.  Our GPS product(s) carry the GUARANTEE that your product will perform to Magellan Factory Specifications.  If said product fails to perform to said specifications within 14 days of receipt of same.

To insure your trust we use PayPAL to insure your payments are secure and backed up by the PayPAL Purchase Protection for Buyers Plan.    Purchase Protection that covers all eligible purchases where PayPAL is used through our Website.

When something goes wrong with your eligible transactions, PayPAL Buyer Protection has you covered. Get a full refund if an eligible order isn’t significantly as described, or doesn’t arrive at your doorstep.

Briefly we cover your purchased product with our GUARANTEE plan and the PayPAL Buyer Protection Plan.

Enjoy our site, you are our GUEST.


Our New Magellan Explorist GPS Store is Operational

Our GPS Store is Operational

Visit our Forum to see our Inventory of GPS units, Country, Sportsman and Specialty Maps for the Explorist X10 GPS units.

Own a Magellan Explorist 510 – 610 -710 and require Country Maps.

There are maps that you should be aware of.

How you heard this story before.  From customers in Australia and New Zealand, through the European Union, Canada who stated “In order to save moneys I purchased my X10’s from the USA.”   Now I realized that I really cannot use my GPS, because I do not have the Summit and City Maps for my Country.

Same problem if you ordered your GPS from Canada and do not have either the maps you need or the correct World Edition map.

There is also the possibly you need additional Country Maps because you are traveling.

We offer the Magellan Worldwide Summit and City Maps for the 510 610 and 710 Explorist.

How about you are a Sportsman and need Specialty Maps!!

Need maps because you Hunt, need USA ATV, USA/CANADA Snowmobile Trail Maps? Are you like to Freshwater fish?  How about charters for over 4000 Hot Spots in the Contiguous USA?

If so, you should consider our Packages of Magellan Specialty Maps for your GPS.

Welcome to the New Magellan Explorist / Triton Repair and Service Website

The Jungle Ghost

Welcome to the New Explorist X10 Forum Website. My name is Ed a.k.a. Dua Ma Rung  [Mr. Jungle Ghost].  My Company was established in 1975, when I became a Consultant for IBM.  Our business expanded in 1979 with the addition of two more major Fortune 500 Companies, Microsoft and Matsushita/Panasonic.  Our specialty was Software Marketing and development for the new Intel microcomputer chips.  In the following years, I diversified the Business Strategy to include GPS equipment.

This fascination grew from my younger years when I was trained to be a “Survival Tracker” over 58 years ago.  My tracking training started before my teens with my Uncle Frank Buck , an O.S.S. Officer in W.W.II. Under his tutorage, I trained with the Kachin’s of Burma and the Bushman of South Africa.  I have Tracked around the world in SAR, with the military, and the Nine Tribes of my Native American compatriots as an Instructor and always the “student”.

Over the past ten years my subsidiary organization (Jungle Ghost Enterprises) has been testing and working with the New Handheld Navigation GPS.  We have been using the knowledge that we learned from testing of this type of equipment for International Search and Rescue Operations, Military and Law Enforcement Agencies. 

We supply reliable, accurate and dependable GPS equipment.  Our technical advice and support from our testing staff is unequaled in the World.  The organization has gained and earned recognition as experts in the utilization of the Handheld GPS as an effective tool in Tracking, Search, Rescue and Recovery.  My organization has earned industry recognition as experts for the Magellan Explorist, Triton GPS Series. 

After many years of providing Service for these particular GPS we decided to change our venue.  We have redesigned the Forum to offer DUE IT YOURSELF (DIY) Repair and Service and more. 

As days pass, we will constantly upload the methods we utilize to repair, upgrade and use the Magellan Explorist and Magellan Triton GPS yourself.

So I ask you to be patient with us as we continue to improve, and program the site.  Our mission continues to SUPPORT the Magellan User Community with high level technical advice and excellent equipment.

Thank You!


New Header Showing Pictures Taken w/ New Camera in X10’s

Recently, I just returned from a visit to Canada.    Rather than take my camera, I traveled with new 710 with the new LCD and the new Camera.

I wanted to test some new maps for North America and the new camera. The maps were deadly accurate at 800:1

The pictures were fantastic and much improved from my old X10.  So I took nine of them and made a slideshow for the Header of this website.

You can see the results of the photographs.   The originals photo’s were 1250 pixels wide and I just cropped them to 940 X 200 images to fit the Header.

Judge for yourself how good they are.  I am sure that Magellan would also appreciate your comments.