Warning: Update on Explorist 510 610 710 Firmware Virus

Just an update from Jungle Ghost HQ. 

If you have installed any of these versions.


We are now seeing many complaints from users who have installed these versions.  Apparently MAGELLAN is the guilty party for releasing these bad firmware versions in their VantagePoint automatic updates.

I guess the point is that if Magellan VantagePoint informs you of a new version the user assumes that the firmware is free of viruses, etc.

These releases are now starting to cause loss of the Satellite communications and other problems. 

We have recently discovered that the virus is also tied into the DATE/TIMER of the GPS.

Some users have assumed that if you reload an older firmware version it will overwrite the bad firmware.  THIS IS NOT TRUE!!

This is the story of how we discovered that a Date/Timer Mechanism was embedded in the unit.

Note: The virus is written to the partition that is not available via the normal access to the F:\Magellan virtual drive.

The discovery is credited to a user in Germany.

Recently we had an 710 sent to us by a user in Germany.  He had one of the first releases of the 710. His unit was a first product release item .. serial number 6803.

He installed Version 7.29 and the Satellite Acquisition failed.  After reading about the virus problem, he tried to remove and load an older version.

His methodology was standard, go to the F:\Magellan virtual drive and remove all files. He than ran a scan for bad programs and the unit was clear.

Feeling safe, he then re-installed Magellan version 7.26 only to find that this step would not work. So he removed the contents of the F:\Magellan Virtual Drive and loaded his previous saved version 6.53.

Starting the unit, all looked good until the machine index started and then the Upgrade failed.

So he restarted the unit and then the iBoot appeared.

Please Note that once a unit is in iBoot we cannot save the unit.

The ONLY solution is to REFORMAT the unit using the correct Project Number.

Unfortunately even the use of a File Manager and Sockeyes Mod will not work because they do not address the Project Partition.  Even if you did, you would not have the Project Boot Loading software.  It is only available from Jungle Ghost Enterprises.

I strongly suggest that you do not try to remove the installed 7.29 version. You will only accidentally create the iBoot.

We do recommend that you use the unit until you see signs that the virus has activated, for example.

Satellite Loss
Satellite NO-FF
Unit does not index or indexes very slowly
Date. time or coordinate and other setting problems
Unit Slows Down in Operation
Waypoints, Routes and Trails are difficult to install, etc.

The only way for us to fix the unit is to reformat the unit, and install the correct Project software.

THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION IS FOR YOU TO LET US CLEAN UP YOUR GPS.   In order to eliminate the virus we have to reformat the GPS and completely reload a special version.

Please go to our URL http://www.jungleghost.com/Explorist/explorist_repair_service.shtml.


Visit eBay as we have also listed this service:

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Our repair process will still retain your GPS Serial Number so any maps you have will still be accepted by the GPS. 


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