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  1. I have a Explorist 610 loaded with the latest software.. While doing Geocaching, MOST of the time, the compass will freeze for several minutes, the distance to end will update very slow It would show 20 meters then all the sudden 3 meters or so (I know there is a margin of error for accuracy) but it could maintained a 15 meters or so distance from a cache when I know I am about 50 meters away from the cache. The compass freezes on a bearing for minutes specially if there is trees around.. Any ideas???

  2. There is a comon misunderstanding of the English language and a fault of the way Mitac has implemented this status. If they wanted to indicate the status they should have stated:

    SBAS (is) Enabled


    SBAS (is) Disabled

    Wording the box as I have posted above does imply future action and not present state. The reader is forced to INFER the present state from these words (being the opposite of the command to change). If there existed a third state (SBAS partially enabled), the present wording would not allow for unambiguous state determination. The present wording on the GPS is weak. THe fact that we are having this discussion is evidence of this. I gather that your interpretation is that when the box shows

    X Disable SBAS

    that the SBAS is presently disabled. Strictly interpreting the English – it isn’t. It is written in the command form of the verb to disable, and it implies that this is the action that will take place if the box is pressed. The user thus gives this command to the unit. What it really is in the GPS – Unclear, not well designed.

  3. JG,
    A few minor teething errors are no big deal.
    Besides the editing, when I used the ‘quote’ to see what happened to my photo the was changed to or something to that effect.
    Is there a limit to the size, KBs or pixels, of photos on a post?
    I’ve already discovered the limit of two links per post.


    • Phil, Post lines have been increased to 50.
      Media Settings are:
      thumbnail 100 X 200
      Medium 300 X 400
      large 400 X 500

      Pop Up enlarged to current window.

      Personal Photos are 100 X 100 .. I will change to 200 X 200


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